Hello reader,

My name is Leslie, and I’m the blogger behind The Frugal Blogger. This little space is my creative haven from the beautiful mess I’ve entangled myself into. Here you’ll learn more about me, and my take on food, relationships, style and everything else in between. I’m not a guru; just that little woman trying to learn everything that crosses my way.

Just like you, I’m here to find wisdom and absorb the wise nothings that life slams at me! At times,

I’ll feel exuberance, and in some cases, I’ll feel defeated. But that’s what’s great about The Frugal Blogger; I’ll succumb to vulnerability.

So here it is: In my early twenties, I married young, and we built a life from nothing to something. When I moved to Las Vegas, I had exactly ten medium boxes that you can easily fit in a family van.

My departure from Los Angeles was bitter as my best friend and her former boyfriend drove me to this city. It took me a while to appreciate Las Vegas as I made friends and burned bridges.

By late twenties, I lost my best friend to a tragic accident. That’s when I started The Frugal Blogger.

Yes, this little blog is dedicated to that wonder woman who has set a huge impact in my life. I also left my marriage in the hopes to find clarity. Along with my journey are adorable furballs named Haru and Kobi who makes my journey worthwhile. After all, life is better with a dog!

Enough about me, read my blog and join my beautiful mess.