Alleanza Bidla threatens legal action over sex education to students

Alleanza Bidla threatens legal action over sex education to students

Alleanza Bidla has embarked on a crusade against what it has described as “early sexualisation” and “harmful gender indoctrination” in schools without parental consent.

Ivan Grech Mintoff, the group’s leader, said Alleanza Bidla will take legal action against the Education Ministry if teaching goes against the beliefs of the parents and happens without their “knowledge or consent.”

The announcement was posted to Facebook by Grech Mintoff on Thursday. Grech Mintoff is contesting Saturday’s European Parliament election along with another candidate from Alleanza Bidla.

The bone of contention appears to be a workbook used in Year 6 by PSCD teachers during lessons on sexual and health education.

The controversy erupted earlier in May when a mother, and former PSCD teacher, uploaded a video to Facebook after the school had told her that she could not merely request that her children be allowed to skip PSCD lessons.

The woman appeared to have taken issue with the book featuring people “introducing themselves as gay.” She also had an issue with that fact that the book included a conversation between a boy and a girl “who look 11 or 12,” where they discuss how the boy feels when they are near each other.

However, the party’s claims that PSCD lessons are taught without the knowledge and or consent of the parents is false. Meetings with parents are held before PSCD lessons begin, where the syllabus is discussed with all parents who choose to attend the meetings. At law, children are not allowed to be exempt from PSCD lesson; the only exemption the law allows is for religion lessons.

The Education Ministry has described the woman’s claims as “false and irresponsible” , and has uploaded a copy of the workbook online in an attempt to counter online claims. The Ministry said that the workbook is age-appropriate and sensitive to the context in question.


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