How does a water pump work?
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How does a water pump work?

Recently, due to extreme weather events, the formation of which is due to climate change on our planet, water pumping is a service of ever-increasing demand.

As the leading service company in water pump, Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου, have unparalleled experience in design and management, so that we can quickly provide the right solution. Flooded areas can cause serious damage to the environment you are in, as well as huge costs.

We offer 24-hour coverage, so in case of emergency, we will respond immediately from the moment you contact us to deal with the problem. If you suffer from pump failure, clogged wells, broken pipes we are committed to being the fastest provider of the right solution.

As a company, we provide complex but cost-effective water pumping systems for over 20 years and we have the knowledge and skills to help you. From an immediate solution to our long-term benefits, you can count on us to meet your every requirement.

Flood danger

The difficult problem of dealing with flooded houses and shops, basements, ground floors, flats, and elevators often occurs as a result of heavy rainfall or a sudden downpour. Logically, an area full of water is a deterrent to any activity but beyond that, it is distinguished by intense danger not only in terms of us and our care but also for the condition of the building itself.

Also, floods make our movements dangerous and more difficult while at the same time they are the main cause behind the appearance of concentrated moisture on walls and floors. A direct consequence of these is the formation of mold and the presence of germs that endanger public health.

It also increases the existence of pests and insects such as cockroaches and mice as well as causing damage to building materials. Therefore, from the moment a flood occurs in an area, water must be pumped and cleaned immediately.

In case of flooding the first move, we all think about is to notify the Fire Department. However, due to the plethora of calls that the Service receives and tries to answer, unfortunately in most cases, it is unable to help you immediately.

Causes of flooded places

The main reason for the flooded areas is the poor or infrequent maintenance of the wells by the municipality. It should be understood that the percentage of difficulty faced by clogged wells in expelling a rapidly increasing volume of water is very high. The pipes of any sewer are always placed in such a way that they operate under the force of gravity and the water follows a downward flow.

When there is a blockage inside them, the water takes its way back. Thus, we lead to the overflow of the wells due to the upward flow of water resulting in floods. However, the same phenomenon is observed in the case where regular cleaning and good maintenance of your sewerage networks do not take place.

Have you recently experienced an underground flood and are wondering what to do next? We are the most reliable experts in water and sewage pumping.

Basement floods can occur at any time without warning and are usually associated with inadequate drainage systems or heavy rainfall. Many basements have drains to drain water that can enter the house and prevent flooding. Some homeowners also use machines to pump any excess water away from the property. However, if the pump malfunctions, flooding may occur.

What to do if you discover a flooded basement?

Turn off the electricity to avoid electric shock or electrical damage throughout the house.

Stop the water supply.

If flooding in the basement is the result of clogged drains, you should stop using bathrooms, sinks, washbasins, or toilet bowls.

Can i pump water on myself?

If your home or business space is flooded, you will certainly try to deal with the problem with even a simple bucket. Maybe this is indeed done if the volume of water is not large. Then you can really do it.

However, considering the proportions that most of the time mud is present along with the water, why bother unjustly if we can come and offer you a permanent solution. So when there is a lot of water, then it is certain that reinforcement is required from a professional company.

In order to pump water properly, professional suction pumps are necessary. The operation of these machines is based on high speeds pulling water and mud out of the flooded area.

Why choose us for water pumping

We are a company with a great experience. Our many years of mobilization in the field of blockages and pumps have equipped us with the appropriate experience in order to fight every problem with complete success.

We are in the advantageous position to be able to pump water in a minimum of time even in the most inaccessible space. We have water absorption pumps with high power while our positive elements include the immediate and fast response. All our crews are on standby on a daily basis and at any time of the 24 hours to intervene and solve an emergency problem in the best possible way.

All you have to do is call us giving us the opportunity to provide you with the best pumping services. Our crews are always ready to show up wherever you are. Our goal is to eliminate any trace of water and mud from your area that has been flooded (boiler room, elevator, basement, ground floor, storage).

With the vast experience, excellent know-how as well as low prices, we will permanently save you from the waters that are a danger for both your health and your property.

We provide water pumping all year round whenever you call us

We know how stressful a flooded basement can be, so we have a 24-hour emergency hotline and a team of technicians available 365 days a year. Our team will arrive on the spot and will immediately start pumping water, to reduce the possibility of additional damage.

A complete service network means that there is always a mobile workshop near you, wherever you are in Attica. This allows us to promise and provide a fast service all year round. Regardless of the time of day or night, we will implement the most appropriate work available. We are constantly at the disposal of the means and the technicians, to deal with the floods or any other crisis that you may face.

We intervene immediately before the problem swells

Many minor problems arise as a direct result of water damage to your home or business. We understand the frustration and frustration that come with discovering a flooded home, basement, or office. We will draw water from your flooded house, office, or basement.

The effects of floods are potentially catastrophic, with economic and environmental costs and impacts on people’s homes. Floods happen unexpectedly with minimal time to prepare, but our company will react faster than anyone else.

Our prompt response means we can act immediately to prevent your business from shutting down or to protect your valuable assets. As a company, we are committed to providing our customers with top services in matters related to water pumping and sewer blockages. Our highly trained technicians work hard to offer the solution that meets your requirements.

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