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How to unblock sewer system with a camera in Athens?

How to unblock sewer system with a camera in Athens?

Camera blockages are the most modern and efficient method for the immediate diagnosis and control of your sewer system. We can find out exactly where and for what reason the sewer is often blocked.

Then, having a clear picture, our experienced staff – Apofraxeis Argyroupoli – with care and the appropriate equipment, relieves you of the serious problem of continuous blockage of your pipes once and for all!

Save time and money on chronic sewer problems that bother you… with camera sewer blocking technology.

Drainage diagnosis with an endoscopic camera

Our company Apofraxeis Argyroupoli uses the endoscopic sewer camera. We accurately identify exactly where your sewer “hurts” in order to give the right and permanent solution to the problem.

With the camera blocking method you have multiple benefits, both for you and your building. In a short time, our highly trained technical staff can accurately detect the damage and solve the chronic problem of blocking the piping of your building.

Camera blocking is not a method of blocking pipes. It is an excellent tool for monitoring, diagnosing and controlling your pipes in the safest and fastest way.

Diagnosing piping with a camera is a process that should be done not only to help block a sewer. But especially to prevent damage to your sewer system before they are even created.

Everything you need to know is answered below!

How is the sewer control done with a camera?

Camera sewer control is a quick process we do at your home to check and diagnose your sewers. We introduce the camera to the sewer pipes of your building by experienced staff.

We find out if there is a problem and at what point exactly. By watching your piping from the screen, the technician can see and focus or even enlarge the image to see if there are any cracks and the general condition in which they are.

We provide high level blocking services with responsibility and reliability. We come directly to your place for checking pipes with a camera, for the following reasons:

  • effective blockage of sewers with water intrusion
  • pumping water from flooded areas
  • blockages of wells of all types
  • blockage of gutters (vertical or horizontal).

Our company Apofraxeis Argyroupoli specialize in:

  • kitchen sink blockage
  • toilet bowl blockage
  • bathroom sink blockages, which often plague households
  • bathroom blockages
  • clogged siphons with permanent and lasting results.

What procedure is followed after the diagnosis with a camera?

Our technician, having a complete and clear picture of the sewer system, will inform you exactly about the problems he found and about the current condition of your pipes. It will then suggest the best solution for effectively and permanently solving your piping problems.

Finally, our technicians will proceed with the solution and repair of the problem raised by the control with the camera using the most modern blocking machines and our experience. For blockages in Athens apofraxeis – we are the best and most reliable choice.

Why is camera unblocking the best option?

Camera unblocking is by far the best and smartest option for controlling your sewers. They offer immediate diagnosis of the problem without requiring time-consuming and costly procedures. Camera sewer control using a high quality image minimizes error margin. Immediately shows the heart of the problem.

What are the prices for camera blockages?

The price for the use of a sewer camera for the diagnosis and solution of your sewer problems costs 80 €. Its cost, although high, is extremely advantageous. It minimizes the hours required to diagnose the problem in contrast to the older ways.

Why choose a professional company for camera blockages?

Blocking with an endoscopic camera requires the knowledge of specialized technicians and extensive experience. All these in order to properly complete all the necessary checks.

Our company is fully specialized in the use of camera blocking. At the same time we possess the most modern and reliable equipment.

We have experience since 1973 and certification by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning. The use of modern methods and machinery, you can be sure of the excellent result.

Block diagnostics with camera

The camera is used to inspect and diagnose your piping for any problems. Such are imperfections, rubbish, sediment, debris, tree roots, sewage sediments, etc.

Video recording with the camera

With the camera we record in digital form (video) the situation and the conditions that prevail inside your pipes. We deliver to you so that you have it in your possession.

Detection of rodents and pests using a camera

CCTV camera use is not limited to blocking services. It is a great way to detect any problems. Rodents and pests that often exist in the sewers of buildings from breakage or cracks in the pipes.

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