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Is it safe to visit Santorini this summer?

Is it safe to visit Santorini this summer?

Santorini Santorini car rental is one of the most popular destinations regarding the Greek Islands. It is true that due to the corona virus everyone is a bit hesitant as far as their vacation is concerned. When it comes to the Greek Islands everyone loves visiting them every summer, but this year things are going to be a little different. If you were wondering  “is it safe to visit Santorini this summer?” then we have all the answers you need.

This virus has affected people from many domains and especially the tourism industry. Greece is based on her tourism, especially during summer because of the beauty of the Greek islands, the sun and the endless blue of the Aegean and Ionian sea. The truth is that despite all the consequences of the virus, all of the Greek Islands including Santorini are ready to welcome their guests for the summer of 2020. But let’s see more details regarding the question of “is it safe to visit Santorini this summer?”

Safety measures

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the general safety measures that apply to all accommodation, hotels, restaurants, transport means and basically anything that is connected to tourism. Santorini is following these safety measures and it is ready to house all of the tourists who want to spend their vacation in the island.

There are designated spaces and information spots regarding the virus, there are social distancing rules that apply to every restaurant, shop, bank, hotel, car rental company, etc., and there are people who make sure that these rules are followed. Hotels have also taken their own measures regarding the disinfecting and proper cleaning of their spaces.

More specifically, Hotels and other spaces of accommodation are currently employing more stuff so that they can clean and disinfect their spaces as often as possible.They are offering a daily change of sheets and towels, daily cleaning of their guests’ rooms, social distancing in public spaces of hotel is like the dining rooms and the bars and extra hygiene rules in their kitchens.

Flights to Santorini

As we know, many countries have opened their borders and they are allowing flights to and from Greece. Due to the current restrictions in flights. many countries are not allowing entrance for Greek citizens. Despite that, European countries have already opened their borders and are allowing people traveling from and to Greece.

Furthermore, Santorini has its own airport and people from Europe can book their flights to the island, but it is more likely that they will have a stop at Athens airport as there are not many direct flights to Santorini airport. Every airline company is currently following the world health organization’s safety measures and they are allowing a 65% completeness because they need to keep distance between passengers.

Masks and gloves are also obligatory from the moment you enter an airport, during the flight and you can not take them off until you reach your destination. Snacks and drinks are also offered with a great carefulness and in single use containers. Of course we need to remember that everyone traveling should be checked by a doctor one day prior to the flight so that they are having documents that prove that they are corona virus-free.

In order to avoid using public transport means, you can use the Santorini airport car rental service and pick up your car right after you set your foot on the island.

Nightlife and Beaches

It is normal that nightlife in Santorini will not be as crazy as it used to be the previous years. This does not mean that the night clubs, the bars and restaurants are not going to open, they are all already open and ready to welcome their guests, of course with following the safety measures. Social distancing is practiced everywhere, this includes the night clubs and restaurants where the tables and chairs have been set to a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

The same goes for the beaches of Santorini. Social distancing is practiced everywhere, so the umbrellas in the sun beds are set with a minimum distance of 2 meters from each other. The entrance to the beaches is not controlled by someone, and specially to the beaches that are not organized – meaning that they do not include umbrellas and sun beds. We do not need to forget that each and everyone who is visiting not only Santorini but any other destination, needs to be careful and care for his own safety.

Car rental companies

The current title companies are also prepared for the corona virus affects. Every car and vehicle, is disinfected after you return it to the company so that it will be ready for the next customer. People in the car rental companies are wearing masks and we have said plexiglass protectors on our desks and we are currently encouraging credit card transactions so that our encounters can be as contactless as possible.

You do not need to be scared or hesitant about renting a car because we are practicing all the safety measures to preserve your hygiene and your health. You can of course carry a disinfectant with you in the car so that you can clean the steering wheel, the gears and your hands as often as you like.

Healthcare in Santorini

Our healthcare system is ready to face any unexpected corona virus case. The hospitals in Santorini are communicating directly with Athens, so in case we locate a corona virus case during summer, we are going to be ready to send it to the capital in order for them to be hospitalized.

You do not really need to hesitate when it comes to vacation in Santorini in 2020. The island is completely safe to visit as every room of the WHO is followed. Nevertheless, you need to be careful when you are in public spaces and avoid crowded hallways or restaurants.

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