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Why you should do a bathroom remodelling?

Bathroom remodelling is the most popular remodelling after kitchen remodelling. You wonder why should you do a bathroom remodelling with Montclair roofing? In fact, many people think that a bathroom remodelling is probably a useless move in the current economic conditions and they may be right when its done only for aesthetic reasons.

However, this is not the case. Roofing Montclair manages bathroom remodelling services as well as carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services.

Nowadays, more and more households prefer the renovation solution to give a new breath to their home. Mainly because the crisis makes buying a new home very difficult. Although most renovations are executed rooms in which the family spends much of the day, there is still one room in the house that is receiving attention: the bathroom. Bathroom remodelling is now one of the most frequent renovations in our country.

There are usually two reasons for a bathroom remodelling. The first is the old equipment and the old pipes and the second is just the need for renovation or a change of space.

Showers and bathtubs

Every home should have dream baths that look like a spa or small that are suitable for children. Take advantage of the shower / bath area to define the zones in the room and create a wall-divider. You will need to choose a tile that can have a water absorption rating of less than 3% (lower than recommended for floors) and has good adhesion (coefficient of friction greater than or equal to 0.60).

If you are discussing between an open or closed shower, take a look at our pros and cons that will help you make a decision. It is worth noting that according to research, the shower is a healthier choice than the bathtub.

Bathroom sink

The choice of sink is based on the number of people who will be served by the bathroom and the frequency of use. Prefer a single sink for your vacation or if you are single. On the other hand, a double sink is the ideal choice in case you are a large family or have a large space in your main home.

Hanging bath basin

The hanging bath basin is widely known since it has been used a lot mainly in public places but also in homes. However, in recent years more and more people choose it for their homes.

These basins are known to have mechanisms in their built-in cistern. In fact, many choose it thanks to their appearance as it is extremely modern and authentic. Usually the hanging basins are smaller in size than those with a built-in cistern, which is considered a great advantage, especially in small spaces. They can be placed either on the floor or hung on the wall and give you more free space.

Bathroom decoration

If you cannot afford a complete remodelling of the space, you can give it a new life with the decoration, without spending a fortune. There are many easy bathroom decorating ideas that you can apply. You can change the material in the closet or just paint it. Colors and textures that may look ostentatious in other rooms of your home are nice in the bathroom. For example, dark shades (like burgundy, geometric patterns or motifs).

In addition to colors, there are other ideas for decorating the bathroom. One of them is the renewal of room accessories, such as carpets, toilet paper, soap cases and towels. Expensive items, such as floor plans or countertop materials, will not be as “hard” on your budget as they might be in a kitchen. And this is because the space is much smaller.

If you have a small bathroom and you want to give it the illusion that it has more depth, all you have to do is read the tips for setting up a small bathroom. If you have such a space then add color, choose the right sink (avoid bulky sinks in small bathrooms) and prefer storage spaces such as baskets and boxes.

Color Combinations

The earthy colors on the walls in combination with materials such as wood give harmony and natural beauty to the bathroom. The white color in both the sanitary ware and the walls of a bathroom is the absolutely modern timeless and bright choice of bathroom renovation.

The choice of black in combination with white always stands out and gives style to the space. The colorful handmade stripes made with colors used in the rest of the house are a very good idea for a lively and happy bathroom. The green color is directly connected with nature and peace in a space.

Pink shades are one of the most romantic and classic options, giving a note of femininity and calm in the space. Light gray for the walls is a choice with taste and finesse. Creates a calm and clean environment and can be easily combined with many colors and materials.

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

This always depends on the size of the project and the type of renovation. However, in general, a partial bathroom renovation will take a few days while a total renovation may take a little over a week. In any case, the interval is not very long.

How much does it cost to renovate my bathroom?

The cost of a bathroom renovation according to Roofing Montclair always depends on the size and number of works but also on factors such as the quality of the materials that will be used. There are many companies that undertake renovations and most of them offer you prices that include all the costs, the whole process and the materials of the renovation. It goes without saying that these package deals are much more advantageous than hiring different workshops for each job or buying the materials yourself.

Finally, you must focus on functionality: Especially if you have a small bathroom it is very important to take advantage of every bit of free space. Showers and sinks with a thin base will give you important help to achieve this. Gikas painting can help you among with their trustworthy workers with anything about your bathroom remodelling.

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