Yogurt production machines: A simple intro

Yogurt Homogeniser

Homogenizer, is designed and produced for atomization of molecules of liquid products in temperature between 45 – 75°C under 180 ?250 bars of pressure and dissipation this molecules homogenously in the consistence of the products.

Every dairy factory should have its dairy machines.

The goal of homogenization is atomization and micronization of bigger parts of the product in consistence and increase numbers of its molecules in unit area and thus, giving a product more stable structure. Another aim of homogenization is atomization of bigger parts in the product and increase phases?diversity making it in smaller molecules and increase the time of use for different purposes.

Process of homogenization is performed by two level full automatic controlled systems (for controlling the viscosity when needed and required use of emulsion) with the motion given to homogenization valve.  For performing the operations basically and properly, every homogenization valve is assembled with special hydraulic and air units.

After structural changes on products performed by homogenizer, products have stability, long shelf life, easy digestion, standardization, perfect view and deliciousness. Effects of homogenizer are not limited with above indicated effects. There are lots of positive effects except indicated ones. Taking into consideration these effects, quality, economy and perfect homogenization technology of our homogenizer is unquestionable.

Fermantation room

Used for feeding hot air into the room hetaed for fermentation in Dairy Factories.

Room is heated by feeding with steam from steam tanks in the Factory.

Completely made of stainless steel.

Temperature of room is controlled by thermometer installed on door of the room. When the temperature of the room reached to sufficient temperature level steam feeding is cut off. When there occur a need in hot temperature, steam feeding is again activated automatically.

Yoghurt filling machines

It’s the machine filling yoghurt into plastic cups.

We have various models with different capacities from 3000 cups/hour up to 9000 cups/hour.

Besides our Standard models, we are manufacturing special models according to requirements of our customers.

Our machines are manufactured in conformity with CE standards.

Completely made of stainless steel.

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